Ahmet Kutluhan was born in 1975 in Tosya, Kastamonu. He began his studies in Hüsn-i  Hat (the Art of Calligraphy) in high school, learning Rik'a from Rafet Küllüoğlu in Kastamonu. When he came to Istanbul in 1992 for university, he began studying Thuluth and Nasikh from the internationally renowned calligrapher Hasan Çelebi. The first lesson, as an accepted principle in this art, is to study the dua "Rabbi yassir" in the Thuluth script.  In a period of approximately six months, he finished his first lesson with success. He then began to study the letters of the Arabic alphabet.  After six years of study, he received his Ijaza, the authorization to teach Thuluth and Nasikh, at IRCICA (Islamic History, Art and Culture Research Center) during a ceremony organized by Ekmelettin Ihsanoglum.  During this time, he also perfected his Rik'a style by studying with Muhittin Serin and took lessons in the Jali Divani and Ta’lik scripts from Ali Alparslan. Ahmet Hoca received his authorization to teach the Ta'lik script at IRCICA during a ceremony on November 25th, 2010. 


To showcase his individual work and the Ottoman school which he represents, Ahmet Hoca has participated in many exhibitions. His first individual exhibition was at Seven Art Gallery in Kadikoy, Istanbul in 2005. His second individual exhibition took place in Eyup Sultan Cultural Center on November 6th, 2015.  In 2009 and 2011 he participated in international Husn-i Hat exhibitions in Tehran, Iran. He gave authorization to many of his students with the approval of his teacher Hasan Celebi Hoca. He has continued his work in his studio in Uskudar, Istanbul. He gives classes and workshops at Üsküdar Balaban Tekkesi on Saturdays, continuing the living tradition of Ottoman calligraphy.

Ahmet Kutluhan

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