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Introduction to Tezhip (Classic Islamic illumination)

Experience the beautiful art of Tezhip, the Ottoman tradition of embellishing calligraphy with gold, in this class taught by renowned Tezhip artist Fatma Ulusoy Hoca. You'll learn the basic techniques of this intricate art form and explore the materials used by Tezhip artists.

Time & Location

Sep 05, 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM UTC


Course Details


Subject: Islamic Illumination

Course Format: Online


September 5 - December 19, 2023 [Winter Break] January 9 - February 27, 2024

Time: 8 PM UTC

Instructor: Fatma Ulusoy Sirajuddin Hoca

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Tezhip is the Turkish word meaning "ornamenting with gold" and represents the Ottoman tradition of beautifying calligraphy. Renowned professor of Tezhip, Dr. Çiçek Derman, once said, "If the aim of the Hattat (calligrapher) is to write the Holy Qur'an in his best handwriting, the Tezhip artist aims to illuminate it to express what is in their heart." In the Introduction to Tezhip class, students will be exploring the basic techniques and materials used by Fatma Ulusoy.

General Curriculum:

Week 1: Border patterns

Week 2: Circular border patterns

Week 3: Staining and preparing paper

Week 4: Munhani motifs – drawing and transferring

Week 5: Painting munhani

Week 6: Leaf motifs and brushstrokes

Week 7: Hatai motifs and brushstrokes

Week 8: Sazyolu motifs

Week 9: Transferring motifs and haklar painting technique

Week 10: Creating a halkar work

Week 11: Preparing gold

Week 12: Classic tezhip design

Week 13: Şemse (shem-se) motifs

Week 14: Gold