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The day I laid eyes on Hoca's Arabic Calligraphy in the Chinese style is the day I totally became mesmerized by his videos and workshops. The flowy ribbony pen strokes of the Arabic letters speak to my soul! Hoca Haji Noordeen is no doubt a master teacher! He teaches from the heart. He engages the students' minds and souls through the Arabic writings and verses from the book of Allah. I am truly honored to be Hoca Haji Noordeen's student.

Noor Anwer

Arabic Calligraphy in the Chinese Style

Fatma Ulusoy Hoca is a skilled artist and a dedicated teacher who willingly shares her knowledge of the traditional Islamic art of Tezhip. Fatma Hoca's teaching methodology helps us enhance our creative skills, understand the subject better, and bring out the best in us. I am grateful to have her as my teacher and looking forward to learning more from her in the days to come.

Samreen Wahedna

Sahkulu Apprenticeship Program

Hoca Haji Noor Deen, is gifted in calligraphy and with transmitting and cultivating it in others. His teaching style and encouragement amazes, nurturing you throughout the journey, he brings students together and encourages love and support of one another, bringing additional blessings to each of us. Hoca is someone who not only impresses but inspires. A precious gift to us all. May we be blessed to continue our learning under his shade.

Yasmine Ahmed

Thuluth & Naskh with Haji Noor Deen 

I joined Deen Arts early October 2020 in the Introduction to Calligraphy beginner Riq’a class group 6 with Shahryanshah Sirajuddin Hoca. I enjoyed my short time with Shahryanshah Hoca and his dedication to teaching the fine art of Arabic calligraphy. I want to Thank Hoca for his hard work, dedication and being a great mentor to all students.

Mohammed Salem

Introduction to Arabic Calligraphy with Shahryanshah Sirajuddin

Alhamdulillah, this is an amazing experience. I am so blessed to be a student of Shahryanshah Hoca. He is so patient and a helpful teacher. It’s an emotional and spiritual journey, I never thought of getting into. But InShaAllah I hope one day my hard work pays off

Fatima Syed

Riq'a & Diwani with Shahryanshah Sirajuddin

I am very fortunate to have Shahryanshah Hoca as my teacher. You can tell he has great love and passion for Islamic calligraphy. This manifests itself in many ways; such as our online classes and discussions. We are always encouraged to ask questions and expand our knowledge.

Naseeba Khader

Riq'a, Diwani, Diwani Jali, Thuluth & Naskh with Shahryanshah Sirajuddin


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